Those who graduate our program have proven that God will not only do the "impossible," but can even sustain the "improbable." Most secular programs offer a grim margin for success after the student's completion. Here at the StraightWay Training Center, studies have shown that of those individuals who complete the program in its entirety, 89% have had sustained success.

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Brandon Frierson

"I started using drugs and fell deeper and deeper into my sin... By being here, God has changed both my life and my family's life. God has taken me from jail and darkness into His marvelous light." -Read More

-Graduated Spring 2006

Kelli Gauthreaux

"Before we came into the program I was angry and confused. Through studying God's Word on a daily basis, it took my focus off my circumstances and set my eyes on the Lord.   Now, my circumstances don't control me; I can see that God controls my circumstances. " -Read More

-Graduated Spring 2006

Andrea Shaw

"I came to StraightWay because of pills and alcohol.  My brother came here about 5 years ago.  I saw what a change it made in him... and I was attracted to it.  I am a 100% changed person.  I am a new creation now, and I am so grateful."  (CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

-Graduated Christmas 2005

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Stacie Brown

"I came to StraightWay because my life was totally out of control.  I knew that I had to change... and I wanted to change.  It (the program) was the hardest and the best thing that I could have ever done."  (CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

-Graduated Christmas 2005



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