Robert A. Valdez
San Antonio, Chairman
Beverly Barron
Odessa, Vice-Chair
R. C. Allen
Corpus Christi

Texas Commission on
Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Dave Wanser, Ph.D.
Executive Director



Lisa F. Dickson
John F. Longoria
Corpus Christi
Dr. Dorothy Pettigrew
League City

August 20, 2002

David Kirschke, Executive Director
StraightWay, Inc.
P.O. Box 134
Hungerford, TX 77448

Dear Mr. Kirschke

This is to inform you that StraightWay, Inc. is now registered as a faith-based program with the Texas
Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse for exemption to licensure as a chemical dependency treatment facility.  Your exemption information is indicated below.  This exemption to facility licensure, based on your faith-based status, will remain in effect until otherwise notified by the Commission.

Faith-Based Exemption Number:  FB128

Effective Date:  August 20, 2002

If there is a change in the information as submitted on your initial application, please inform the Commission in writing with the changes.  If you have any questions, I may be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Angela Bibby, Manager
Facility Licensing Department
Licensing and Enforcement Branch