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The problem . . .
is that people have failed to learn proper skills in problem-solving and interpersonal relationships. They don’t cope well with pressure and dissapointment, nor resolve conflict successfully. They “cop out,” run and seek “greener pasture” elsewhere. It’s the American way. And why? Because “family,” the basic training structure, has lost its main purpose and failed to function properly.

Why are families deteriorating?

-The average parents spend less than 15 minutes per week
  (3 minutes a day) on personal time with their children
-80% of parents never help their children with homework.
-50% of teens are not given a hug or told “I love you.”

Statistics show a major problem:

-50% of marriages end in divorce
-1 million teenagers and 1 million wives run away from home each year
-Suicide is now the #2 killer of youth
  (they have no role models or fulfilling fellowship)
-1/3 of major crimes are commited by teenagers
-A.I.D.S. and incurable strains of herpes are largely the result of promiscuity and immorality
-80% of the workforce are discontent with their job

There is an Answer!