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Thank you for your interest in our program. I hope that the information on this website will help to familiarize you with the ministry of the StraightWay Training Center.

The discipleship training center in Hungerford, Texas, is different from other training centers in that it is the only one that will accommodate married couples and single parents along with single men and women. God's intended purpose for the StraightWay Training Center is to raise up Godly men and women, boys and girls. This is accomplished through an intensive curriculum of spiritual, academic and vocational training over a period of fifteen months.

Even though the StraightWay Training Center is widely recognized as one of the most successful programs in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it's scope of ministry is not limited to those areas, but includes guidance counseling, parental and family conflicts counseling, drug education and prevention, prison, jail and street outreach, community services and ministry to the churches.

We are not a State licensed program, nor do we receive any federal or state aid, but are locally supported and dependent entirely upon free will gifts, contributions and our own work program.

Admission to the program is based on the willingness of the applicant to make a 100% commitment of their life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Without that total commitment, there can be no lasting or genuine change in our lives, and it provides the foundation for all training and instruction received in this program. Applications are carefully screened to determine eligibility. The interviews are arranged by appointment and are generally held at the StraightWay Training Center campus in Hungerford, approximately 40 miles southwest of Houston.

We at the StraightWay Training Center are working hard to provide a quality program for those sincerely seeking a life change. In some applications, individuals have neglected following the entrance requirements. To better accommodate those who are desperate for admittance, we must insist that the entry requirements be fully followed.

For example, one of the entry requirements is finding sponsorship to cover the basic needs of the entrant. A person claiming to be "indigent" or having "burned all their bridges" must follow the steps listed to show the validity of their situation.   When a person earnestly seeks sponsorship they are usually amazed at the generosity of people who want to assist them in making a new start. In fact, those who have applied and have been interviewed, but have not met the requirements, may be denied entrance.

Please, take this as an instruction to comply with procedures and not a rejection of your application. All our current files will remain open and ready to receive correspondence from you regarding the needed entry requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.

Dana Esposito
Induction Secretary