Partnership 500

The Board Members of StraightWay Inc. would like to express our deep appreciation for all the love, prayer, and financial support of the Restoration Partners.   Without that monthly commitment, Straightway could not fulfill its mission to "...rescue the perishing and care for the dieing..." because it is your involvement which allows the world to see that truly "...Jesus is wonderful, Jesus will save."

For 30 years, individuals and entire families with all manner of life controlling problems have been helped and healed at the training center in Hungerford. Over 5 million school students have been encouraged and challenged through StraightWay Drug Prevention, and thousands of the incarcerated have been given the hope to change through StraightWay Prison Outreach.

But it is time for the "Good News" of Christ's amazing work through this organization to spread further.   It is time for Partnership 500.

Put simply, the goal is to add 500 new Restoration Partners in the next three years. The plan is for each current Partner to recruit five more and then those to recruit five more and so on until we reach our goal. StraightWay will supply literature and other tools to help but it will be your enthusiasm and belief in the work that will make the difference.

The reason this is critical now?   StraightWay has operated on a shoe string for years, with a budget that is about a third of similar programs.   This has been possible because of excellent management, our Restoration Partners, and the staff's willingness to sacrifice.   But now the "shoe string" is in danger of snapping and we face the terrible prospect of turning away the very people who need the program most, the desperate, for lack of funds. We are also having to consider curtailing some of the School presentations and Prison Ministry because of the price of gasoline, etc.

StraightWay has never considered the ability to pay as a condition to receive any ministry service or for entrance to the Training Center... and with your help we never will.  

We have facilities in need of repair, we have staff that work at part time jobs to make ends meet, and we have a waiting list of families who need the program to learn how to live a new life.

It is time for Partnership 500.  

Together we can make it happen!



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StraightWay is supported and dependent upon freewill gifts,
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Your contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


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