Jason Navarette, 24 yrs. old
Let Hope Find You:  StraightWay Drug Rehab and Faith-Based Christian Discipleship Training

I was born in Las Cruces, NM on March 29, 1982, but I grew up in Laredo, TX from the time that I was six until I graduated high school.   Growing up, I had a great childhood.   My parents brought me up with Christian values and good morals.   I was a straight A student excelling in both scholastics and sports.   My hard work in school made it possible for me to attend Texas A&M University in College Station.   This is where my downward spiral began.   I had been playing guitar since I was a young child and still do till this day.   This interest in music led me to meet and hang out with some very "interesting" people.   With these new friends I started experimenting with marijuana and other more intense psychedelics.   This experimentation led to daily habitual abuse of these drugs.   I decided, after two years, that I wanted to peruse a music career.   So, I discontinued my education at Texas A & M, and moved down to San Antonio, TX.   Still doing drugs, experiencing extreme depression, and destroying every relationship I had by lying and stealing, I came to my end. In December of 2004, I went home to see my parents after having not talked to them in over 6 months.   I told them I needed help and that I couldn't do it anymore on my own.    

My mom, being a woman of faith, had been praying for me and already had some information ready about the Straightway Training Program, in the event that I would come home.   She told me about it and I agreed to tour the campus.   As soon as I got to Straightway in Hungerford, TX, I knew that this was the place for me.   I entered the program in January 14, 2005.   Since then my life has changed radically for the better.   The Lord has restored all of the relationships that I destroyed, and has given me a bright future.   I have a new confidence that whatever I put my hand to, the Lord is faithful to bless and it will be prosperous.   I entered this program with so many problems and hang-ups, but I will be graduating this program a blessed man. I have plans on returning to Laredo and assisting my dad in opening a home appraisal business.   Also, I will be concurrently attending Texas A&M International University pursuing a degree in Business Management.   I also plan on playing golf for the University as I get my degree.

All in all, I cannot express how grateful I am for God bringing me to Straightway, a place of sanctuary and training.   With the help of God, and the dedicated staff here at Straightway, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be a success in both life and the church.   It is a calling that not only has changed my life here on earth, but one that has everlasting significance.