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As the only Christian family-life training center in America for over 3 decades where whole families and single individuals, including single parents, can enroll for residential training and rehabilitation for life-controlling, substance-abusing and other debilitating behavior, StraightWay is a veritable "school of life," where individuals can engraft basic life principles with the Word of God as the ultimate voice and authority for the everyday realities of contemporary life. Premised on the fact that the root malady of addiction and compulsive behavior is a spiritual one, StraightWay's Belief Therapy is an holistic approach, providing a whole cure for the whole man---body, soul and spirit---which has a proven 86% cure-rate through a federally-funded study of its  method of treatment.* StraightWay is a registered faith-based Christian program with a Texas exemption from licensure, serving applicants from the USA and overseas.


* This 1973 independent study through the University of Chicago (Dr. Katherine Hess, Dir.) was federally-funded through a $250,000 grant by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), of the then Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare (HEW)

"Belief Therapy" is a registered faith-based treatment model, based on the Word of God (Bible) as the ultimate authority for life, through which Biblical counseling differentiates and identifies spiritual problems from psychological ones, allowing the healing and recovery of hurting people.



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