House Rules

1.   All conduct and activity will be to compliment the scheduled activities of the program.

2.   All speech and conduct should be that which manifests Christian love, compassion, and consideration for others (e.g. no fighting, cursing, or drug and street talk). Our freedom should not offend the freedom of others. ALL THINGS should edify and build up others in Christ. Residents will seek counsel from staff only; no questioning other residents. Residents are not to discuss problems with other residents.

3.   Since the Spirit of God at work in the Straight Way Training Center (SWTC) is creative, constructive, and edifying, no destructiveness to facilities (running up and down stairs, slouching and hanging on door facings, leaning on walls, etc.) or generally loose attitudes towards God's work will be allowed. This includes avoiding waste, conserving energy (turning out lights, etc.) and other responsibilities indicative of good stewardship.

4.   Those coming into SWTC will be allowed living accommodations only after interview and counseling, and at the discretion of the Director. Residence for full induction lasts approximately 15 months, but the particular grounds for entrance should be dearly understood with a definite commitment toward such.

5.   Once a person has decided to enter the SWTC program or is an entrant, he agrees to submit to the program and staff. Twenty-four hour supervision will be maintained; therefore no entrant may leave the premises without supervision. Leaving without permission is interpreted as a decision to terminate one's involvement with the SWTC. Breaking this rule may constitute automatic dismissal.

6.   VISITING PRIVILEGES: Passes and/or visitors are privileges which are earned after a testing period. (There will be times when visitation will not be possible due to scheduled activities of the program.) Entrants may not receive visitors for two weeks (except in extenuating circumstances by permission of the Director). * *Those wanting to visit a resident must call at least 2 days prior to desired visit, to get it approved by the staff. All such visitors must report first to the reception office upon arrival. Entrant is not eligible to receive other visitors until after 2 months in the program, and that at scheduled times only.

7.   TELEPHONE PROCEDURES (A) Incoming Calls: Entrant will not personally receive any calls. If there is an emergency, he will be given the message. (B) Outgoing Calls:   For the first 2 weeks, no calls can be made, except for emergency by permission of staff in charge. After 2 weeks the number of phone calls allowable will be based on conduct but may not exceed 2 calls a week. Note: A staff must be on the line to regulate any disorders in conversation. It should be for business only (except for cooperative Christian parents or approved persons) and limited to five minutes. No calling home or friends just to "rap" or because of nostalgia. Those called must be encouraging to the entrant or the phone call may be terminated.

8.   No entrant will be on welfare or receive money directly from family or others.   It must be received and administered by SWTC as needed with no more than $5 on person at one time other than scheduled shopping times. Unnecessary valuables will be held in the office for safeguard. Money given to or brought by residents shall be divided in half; one half to go to general fund for obvious expenses (food, clothing, shelter, etc.), the other half to go to the resident's personal account unless an equal or greater contribution has been made to the SWTC general fund. The amount going to the general fund from resident's monies shall not exceed the basic expense of supporting the resident,

9.   All belongings will be searched upon entrance for drugs or anything which might be harmful to his body, mind, or spirit and jeopardize his commitment Residual "garbage" from the world (street life, etc.), things which sustain ties to the past by virtue of their sentimental value will be discarded if deemed harmful through commanding inordinate attention. All "reminders" of the past should be removed, temporarily at least, from the person of the entrant. Any items brought in later by visitors must be searched before giving them to the resident.

10.   Cleanliness is next to godliness, and one bath daily is a minimum requirement.   Bathroom and sinks will be cleaned by the user immediately after use.   A 15-20 minute maximum time limit in bathroom while others are waiting. Abide by bathroom rules. Each person will clean up after himself and keep his living quarters dean and neat (clothes put away, etc.)

11.   Hair and person should be properly groomed moderation in appearance, which means avoiding extremes. Mustaches or beards allowed at discretion of staff if trimmed and completed upon entrance. No growing them during residence in order to appear clean and groomed. Hair should be trimmed and no longer than that of the staff. Modesty in clothing will be maintained (i.e., residents will be clothed except during to and from swimming, etc.). SHOES AND SHIRT RULE in effect outside living quarters (bedroom). Hair cuts and coloring must be approved by the staff.

12.   All residents will abide by the working (cleanup, etc.), free time, studying, eating, etc., daily schedule set by the staff. Must eat at prescribed times and at facilities, except by permission. No "raiding" the ice-box, etc., without permission. Cooking done by staff or authorization only.   Lights out at 11:15 PM, except for socially designated occasions. All scheduled activities require FULL participation.

13.   NO DRUGS (Including alcohol and nicotine) allowed on premises or used. Smoking is not permitted. Drugs that are prescribed by a doctor must be approved and administered by a staff member authorized for such. Prescribed drugs may not be allowed to resident with drug abuse history.

14.   Incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected (censored) for drugs, information, or any matter that might be harmful to the reorientation of entrant, be it physical or mental.

15.   Guys' and Girls' facilities and activities will be maintained separately (to avoid Lounging around together, etc.) except during training session outreach activities, prayer, etc. (This is to insure that an entrant's heart and MIND is on the SWTC program and not on "other things." This applies to married couples who will be separated for the first few months.

16.   Residents must submit and obey the disposition of duly authorized staff members, who, in turn, are in submission to and in tune with the disposition of the Director. Staff procedures published by the Director are the official rule of policy.

17.   No authorized persons or entrants shall be in the offices, especially the

Director's office; go to the information window for assistance. Incoming and outgoing

calls will be handled only by authorized personnel, except by permission of such.

Absolutely NO long distance calls without consent of the Director.

18.   Anyone evidencing an incorrigible attitude through persistent infractions of house rules or official policy may be DISMISSED and that only by the Director or personnel authorized as such.

19.   No borrowing or giving personal items away. Be responsible for your own things. The only items interchangeable are the items donated and must be administered by staff.


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