StraightWay Training Center Curriculum

The studies program is designed for approximately one year as follows:

Individual Classes: (Approximately 3 months)

1. How Can 1 Know I'm A Christian?
2. Attitudes
3. Temptations
4. Successful Christian Living
(Includes studies on the ministry of the Holy Spirit)
5. Growing through Failure
6. Christian Practices (Local Church Relationships)
7. Obedience to God
8. Obedience to Man
9. Anger and Personal Rights
10. How to Study the Bible
11. Love and Accepting Myself
12. Personal Relationships with Others

Advanced Classes: (Approximately 6 months,)

1. Pauline Epistles
2. Old Testament Survey
3. Life of Christ
4. Johannine Literature
5. Major/Minor Prophets
6. Book of Acts
7. Hebrews/General Epistles
8. Romans/Galatians
9. Doctrine I: Scriptures (Bibliography) and God (Theology)
10. Doctrine II. Angels (Angelology); Man (Anthropology) and Sin (Hamartiology)
11. Doctrine III: Christ (Christology); Atonement and Salvation (Soteriology)
12. Doctrine IV: The Holy Spirit (Pneumatology) and The Church (Ecclesiology)

Leadership Classes: (Approximately 3 months)

1. Who is Fit to Lead
2. The Leader's Source of Power
3. The Inner Life of the Leader
4. The Leader's Attitude Toward Others
5. Why Some Leaders Excel
6. How to Make an Impact
7. Setting the Stage for Success
8. How to Get More Done
9. Resolving Difficulties
10. Surviving Dangers
11. Meeting the Need of the Group
12. Communication




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